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Open RP: Sascha


The woman gently pushed open the door to her med bay, eyes narrowing when she saw that the lights were on, her chair was pushed away from her desk, and the door to her room was slightly ajar. She slunk forward, thankful that her paws were quiet on the floor. She edged over to the door to her room, peeking in and immediately pulling back. Shoot. Verdammt. Why did he have to be back, she thought to herself, scowling. But she just couldn’t leave him there. Besides, Ana was there. The woman had been tired enough to sleep there, surprisingly. Sascha’s thoughts were halted by a muffled scream. Oh God. Ana

Sascha threw caution to the wind and burst through the door, Alphonse peering up in surprise, then smiling. “Sascha~ It is good to see you~” He purred, clearly very amused. Sascha growled at him, ears laying back. “Und as a voman Und a Splice!” He grinned, his Woper coming up behind Sascha and pinning her to the floor roughly. “Good pet.” Alphonse said, chuckling. “I vill attend to her in a minute. Just as soon as I finish vis zhis vone.” He said, looking back down. He was in the process of dissecting Ana, the poor woman flailing and trying to get away. It was too late though. He’d already sliced open her stomach. He continued cutting until He could put his hand into her, feeling around while the woman screamed. 

Sascha growled from her position on the floor, trying to get out from under the Wolf on top of her. That’s when she felt him grind against her, panting loudly. ‘Oh. Oh god no. Please no.’ She thought, strength draining as the Woper all but ripped off her pants. She couldn’t have this happen again. She struggled, trying to kick him off of her, but she froze when she felt teeth in the back of her neck. Before she could recover, he thrust himself into the female dog splice, making pleased noises.



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What this is about (OOC Post)

Mod: So, yeah, this started off as me sending Hogwarts acceptance letters to some of my rp buddies. Then I had the idea: What if I tried to start a thing? Well, this is me trying. I know what date the acceptance letters said, but I’ll bump the date up when we get more people.

Students so far:
Mod: This list will be updated as we get more students. :D
  • Paranoid
  • Jareth
  • Satan
  • Alexis (Pending)
  • Kara 
  • Mori